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SOPU is part of the Loisto setlementti. SOPU aims to prevent honour related conflicts and violence in families and communities. We utilise a gender sensitive and reconciliatory approach. In supporting both, the youth and their parents, we offer means for a respectful interaction.

Our target group are youth, families and communities, which face honour related challenges, but also those who work together with multicultural youth and families.

We organise group activities, camps, and peer support activities for girls, boys, mothers and fathers. Individuals and families in honour conflict situations receive confidential support. We offer training on honour related topics and raise awareness of the topic among youth, family members and professionals.



Have you secretly had a relationship? Visited places, which are forbidden for you? Dressed in a way that does not follow your family’s wishes? Are you gossiped about? Are you attracted to individuals of the same gender?

You might feel that you have offended your family’s honour. Your parents might be disappointed in you. You might find it challenging to share your thoughts and ideas with your parents, since your thoughts differ from what they think. You might be afraid that your parents will punish you. Talk about these things with a trustworthy adult, since it is not good to carry such secrets alone.

We will gladly help you resolve the situation! Read more below, contact us Hassen (040-1921095) in Arabic, English or French and Johanna (040-1920815) in Finnish, English or Turkish. In case your language is not presented here, do not hesitate to contact as we can arrange interpretation for you.



Your child might have behaved against the norms of the community and it seems to you that, he or she has offended family’s honour. Perhaps the young person has done something, which damages him or herself. The family or the community might think that the young person needs to be punished to restore honour, thus your family is pressurised.

You love your child and want to provide him or her with the best possible future. Your child might still have differing expectations of what you have thought of. Your child might want to do sports, spend time with other youth, be in a relationship or move to another locality for studies. You want to protect your child from something bad happening. You might be afraid that your child will reject your culture and community or that your family’s reputation suffers in the community.

Sopu workers can help you and your family. Let us discuss with all family members, ensure that all sides are heard and make sure that the whole situation is dealt with. Before the situation gets worse, together we can find solutions.

In order for your child to succeed in Finland, it is not enough that he or she goes only to school. It would benefit your child if he or she can engage in a hobby and have same age friends. If he or she is only at home, it is challenging to build friendships. In friendships your child will learn how to trust themselves and others, but also how to act in different situations. These skills are learnt throughout life and this is why it is good to start already from early on, for example in a good hobby. In your culture perhaps you have learnt to show love and care by doing everything for your child. You might wonder why Finnish children are given responsibilities already from an early age and why do they take care of this independently. It would be good to find a balance – your child is being cared for and at the same time he or she practices independently taking care of things. It is good that you set boundaries for your children, but it is important to give freedom within those boundaries. It is important that your child practices decision-making, so that he or she manages as an adult. These are the topics, which we discuss in mother’s and father’s groups. You are warmly welcome!

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